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RF 5: When Ivan Met Mike Nero
April 12, 2017 Random Fandom

After three failed attempts to record, we finally pull it off with our longest episode yet. We continue our discussion of the April 1 fictional chronologies. Ivan Schablotski discusses his real fictional adventures. We talk about time travel, doppelgangers, photographic evidence, and anti-logic. Ivan's bio is our website's third most popular post (after My Little Pony and the Offspring of Zed), and we discuss the reasons for Ivan's popularity among our readers. Then we move to Chris Nigro's timeline of his fictional counterpart, Mike Nero. Chris gets very personal as he explains how he used Nero to process the events of his life, in creating a tragic anti-hero. We also talk Lycans, Norse Mythology, socialism, golems and woodies. Also, a special tangent tribute to MONSTAAH creator Chuck Loridans.

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