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RF Episode 2: Breaking the Fourth Wall
March 22, 2017 Random Fandom

In this very random second episode, we don't talk about vegetables. But we do spend a lot of time talking about characters that break the fourth wall. But from there, we go off on all types of random tangents. We talk about people who don't get us and how annoying they can be,especially when they try. We talk about the difference between a graphic novel and a trade paperback. We talk about Twilight. We talk about the fifth dimension. We talk about people who look down on us for liking Horror. We talk about the ending of Liv and Maddie and how Robert E. Wronski, Jr. is really a 12 year old girl, a Watcher, the Doctor, and a fifth dimensional imp. And we answer the question: Who watches the Watcher? I'm pretty sure there were about a dozen other random fandom tangents in there as well, even including a discussion of our going off into random fandom tangents. All this and Ivan tells me not to make fun of our sponsor, Chris Nigro!!!!

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